Golden Ale Brewed with Obsidian Purple Malt - Skagit Valley Malting

You know how much we love brewing with unusual ingredients as wild yeast, experimental hop varieties and more. Well, this post has something really special!
Have you ever heard about a purple malt? Yes sir, a purple malt.
After the Red Ale with their triticale malt, our friends from Skagit Valley Malting amaze us once again and today it's the turn of Obsidian purple malt. 
Obsidian is an exotic variety, originally from Egypt that presents an opportunity to explore unique and interesting variations on wort flavor and more specifically color.
Skagit Obsidian is hulless, with a deep purple bran, and distinctive flavors, characteristics and brewing attributes. Obsidian base malt can be used as primary base malt when with rice hull additions, or in percentages similar to a malted wheat in the grain bill.
Obsidian’s proteins are relatively high for Skagit Valley (12-14%) but base malts will still provide adequate extract and enzymatic activity.



About the recipe, we chose a very simple list of grains that calls for Obsidian as primary malt and a little addition of Belgian Pilsner, in combination with a unique hop variety: Bavaria Mandarina from Germany, that imparts slightly sweet notes of tangerine and citrus. Then, we used a Kveik yeast for fast fermentation and fruity esters.



  • Style: Golden Ale
  • Liters: 70
  • Original Gravity: 1.041
  • Final Gravity: 1.009
  • ABV: 4.1%
  • IBU: 35
  • SRM: 2.8


Grain List

  • 9.00 kg (82%) of SkagitValleyMalting Obsidian Purple Malt
  • 2.00 kg (18%) of Belgian Pilsner Malt


Mash Steps

  • 68 °C/154 °F for 60 mins
  • 77 °C/170 °F for 15 mins


Hop Additions

  • 50 grams of Bavaria Mandarina for 60 mins
  • 50 grams of Bavaria Mandarina for 30 mins
  • 50 grams of Bavaria Mandarina for 10 mins
  • 50 grams of Bavaria Mandarina for 1 mins
  • 300 grams of Bavaria Mandarina in DryHop for 7 days



  • CCYeastLab Fruity Norvegian Kveik


Fermentation Process

Ferment for 10/15 days at 23 C degrees, raise the temperature for the diacetyl rest for 48 hours and add the required amount of hops for the dry hopping. Then lower the temperature to 12 C degrees for a week of conditioning. Transfer the beer into the keg and carbonate at 10/15 psi for about 10 days.   


Final Impressions 

A bright and crisp Golden Ale with a pleasant citrus, dry and refreshing aroma. A very cruschable beer, light in ABV which makes it perfect for summer. 

Very similar to a Session IPA for its intense hop aroma but less bitter, with a really nice drink.

Obsidian purple malt creates a clean aromatic profile that pairs perfectly with Bavaria Mandarina hops. We absolutely recommend this unique malt for a simple recipe like this or to try something different.

We love it!

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