From Grain to Glass: Shortest Time

How many times did you want to brew a beer for an event, a birthday or a dinner with friends, but you didn't have enough time? 

If you are interested in how to make a beer in the shortest possible time, then you must read this post. Here we have collected a list of essential points that will allow you to significantly reduce production times. 

In fact, it happened to everyone (or almost!) that for various reasons we didn't have enough time to make our recipe.  

Don't worry, follow these guidelines and your beer will be ready in no time!


  • First, check and rewrite your recipe because you will need a list of grains as simple as possible. A recipe that only includes a base malt is the best choice.
  • Find a yeast that works quickly, that is neutral and clean, preferably highly flocculant. It is important to make a starter or in any case to inoculate the right amount of cells, you want the fermentation to start immediately, for this reason the yeast must be in the best possible conditions, alive and active.
  • Work on water chemistry. Find the right water profile for the beer you want to produce, check the pH, hardness, mineral salts, etc. Don't ignore this advice. Beer is about 90% water. Study and work on it.
  • Use enzymes during the process, if you think that is necessary. Enzymes will help you to get the result you want more easily.
  • Brew hoppy beers. Especially recipes that require large quantities of hops in dry hopping because the aroma of hops will cover the other flavors.
  • Cold crash and gelatin. The combination of low temperature and the use of gelatin allows to deposit the yeast particles (and much more!) left in suspension. A clean beer is a better beer.
  • Then think about forced carbonation. This technique significantly reduces carbonation time. Usually natural carbonation takes at least 2 weeks, with forced carbonation you can get excellent results with just 3/4 days.
  • If you have the suitable equipment, you can ferment the beer under pressure. In this way, at the end of the fermentation your beer will already be carbonated at the right point.

This is our list of tips and tricks that may be useful to you, where you can find what is necessary to reduce brewing times, now get to work! 

I hope this post has been helpful. Stay tuned and share your experience with us!





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