Hop Extract: Distilled Hop Oils

Citra, Fuggle, Saaz, Cascade, Chinook, Mosaic, East Kent Golding, Nelson Sauvin and more...

The world of hops is wonderful because there are hundreds of different hop varieties with different characteristics that define the aromatic profile of a beer and its style. 

How to keep the hop aroma in the beers, to avoid the fades up of volatile aromatic compounds, especially in IPAs and Hoppy beers, is an important topic for homebrewers. 

So the pioneer hop-head brewers have experimented with innovative hop techniques and created new equipment, such as the hop stand, whirlpool additions, hop rocket and torpedo! 

Over time, growers have found several ways to optimize the use of hops: pellets, hop hash, cryo hops and hop oils. 
Today we want to talk about distilled hop oils!


What are Distilled Hop Oils?

Distilled hop oils are liquid concentrates of the main aromatic compounds that characterize hops and do not impart any level of bitterness, in fact they are added at the end of the brewing process, when the beer is transferred to the keg or bottle. 

Hop oils are developed to give the opportunity to have the typical aroma and flavor of a beer brewed with fresh hops, all year round. Plus, It's known how these extracts have high performances and help brewers to have the desired result more easily. 

We are always ready and open-minded to experiment with new ingredients and that is why we have selected and imported Hop oils.  
We tried them and we were fascinated by the result. The aroma that hop oils release is clean, fresh and delicate. They are an excellent solution to create an aromatic profile in your beer that could not be achieved only with the dry hopping technique. 

Plus, the aroma imparted by the use of hop oils will not disappear after a few months but will remain in your beer making it fresh for a long time. 

Our advice is to use these extracts in combination with hops in cones or pellets to have a well-balanced result and give your beer an extra boost! 

If you have an experience with hop extract to share, please let us know!

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