How to add flavors to the beer

Sometimes brewers and homebrewers experiment with their recipes by adding particular ingredients. For example, you can add fruit in your IPAs, to get a tropical flavor, or add spices in Belgian-style beers, as tradition dictates, or something different like add blueberry in your Porter or coconut and chocolate in a Stout. There are many combos that give excellent results and the most important thing is to get a balanced result and add the ingredients in the right way.

What is the best way to add flavors to the beer? 

Well, it depends on what you're going to add!




Usually used in Belgian beers like blanche, tripel, saison or quadrupel, the spices are added at the end of the boiling to impart a marked flavor of them, in balance with the rest of the ingredients. Plus, by adding the spices into the boiling wort, they are going to be sterilized.



Add them whole or their purée directly to the fermenter to impart a distinct fruit flavor. You can use Mango, Guava, Berries or your favorite fruit in Pale Ales, IPAs and Wheat Ales. Do not add the fruit to the boiling pot because most of the flavors will evaporate. On the other hand, pay attention to adding fresh fruit to your beer because it could get infected. Use sterilized fruit purées or extract.



Have you ever had a chocolate cake with a pint of Imperial Stout? Have you ever thought of adding that slice of cake directly into your beer? You had a nice idea! In fact, the Stouts and Porters that contain additions of cakes and pastries are very famous but brewing them is not so simple. Desserts often contain eggs, butter and other ingredients that don't go well with beer and the fermentation process. Our advice is to break down the dessert recipe and add the necessary ingredients to create your pastry stout.


Oak Chips 

They are usually added to high gravity beer such as Imperial Stout and Barley Wine, and our advice is to soak them in a spirit (Whiskey, Rum or others) and let them rest for at least 36/48 hours. In this way you will remove the astringency of the wood and impart a delicate flavor of spirit, like a barrel aged beer. Add the oak chips to the beer during the maturation phase and let them soak up to the desired flavor level.



As you have noticed there are Pros and Cons to add unusual ingredients to your beers but with the right attention you will get an excellent result. If you want a simple, fast and safe way to impart a flavor to your beer without the risk of infections or bad results, we recommend adding fruit extracts. We recommend Amoretti because their products are exceptional, in fact they have different qualities and flavors and their extracts give your beer the desired aroma as if you had used fresh fruit or a whole chocolate cake.


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