Beers in can: Kegland Cannular Setup

What' s the dream of many homebrewers?

Brewing a great beer and put it in a can with a personalized label, just like a pro brewer.

Now this is possible.

The only thing you need is: Kegland Cannular (and a lot of fantasy for your labels).



Kegland Cannular can seamer


What is Cannular?

It's a can seamer machine, the perfect solution because it's easy to use and low in price.

Cannular, created by Kegland in Australia, is the right choice for homebrewers that want to keep up with innovation.

This is a list of Pros of using cans for your beer:

  • Cans block light
  • Cans are light
  • Blocks oxygen
  • Easy to store
  • Beer will cool quickly
  • Outdoor friendly
  • Less packing material
  • Recyclability

Plus, canned beer is cool!   


Kegland Cannular is easy to use

The white support is where the can is placed on it, when the machine is turned on it begins to rotate and works. Now you can seal the can in just 10 seconds, using the red lever.


Kegland cannular white support


If during the sealing process the aluminum can is closed badly or broken, then the machine must be calibrated.

In this case, a calibration is required before starting to use the Cannular!


How to calibrate the Cannular?

First of all you have to disassemble the Cannular to have access to the internal mechanisms and equip yourself with a gauge of millimeters to calibrate the rolls.


Kegland cannular rolls set up


Once you have disassembled the machine, find these mechanisms: 
Adjust the rotating rollers following these values, using the supplied keys: 

  • Roller number 1:  "Y"  0.05‐0.15mm  -  "X" 0.3‐ 0.7mm
  • Roller number 2:  "Y" 1.2‐1.3mm  -  "X" 0.1mm


Kegland Cannular rolls setup


Click here, if you need brief instructions on use.

Perfect! Now that you have adjusted your Cannular, you can close the lid and start to serving your canned beers!

Are you interested in buying Kegland Cannular can seamer? Contact Us!

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