Craft beer and Cans - Innovation o Revolution?

The world of craft beers is made up of trends, from New England IPAs to beers with fruits, some remain for months or years and others instead become an important part of the brewing culture.

It is impossible not to mention the increasing space obtained by cans as the main container for beer. Cans appeared in the world of craft beers about three decades ago, changing the way of understanding beer from different points of view: in the production, packaging, image and perception of beer consumers. It is a trend with great growth.

Initially the idea that customers had about aluminum cans slowed their use because the can was often associated with low quality discount products. This happened despite the many advantages compared to glass: aluminum guarantees total protection from sunlight, greater cooling speed, benefits in terms of logistics and transport, convenience for the final consumer - for example the possibility of access to public events where bottles are prohibited. But slowly the cans began to spread throughout the United States and later to Europe.

The use of cans grew a lot over time and many breweries realized the advantages of the can also in terms of graphics and visual impact. Some breweries have begun to make themselves known for their can graphics. The possibility of completely covering the container with captivating graphics has opened up new scenarios in terms of packaging and marketing, unlike the classic bottle labels.

Cans have changed the way we look at craft beer. In fact, they have totally renewed the image of the market. The process was quite slow and its adoption was also held back by the high price of the canning systems, until the manufacturers made ad hoc configurations and other solutions were created.

Today, home-brewed beer can be canned (see our post about the Cannula Seamer Machine). The process requires special attention but the results are great and it's really nice to be able to share a can of your beer with friends and family.

There are more machines that allow you to pack cans and their price is quite high, especially because a homebrewer does not have the real need to pack his beer in a can.

But some news comes from an American company that designed the so-called Crowler.
Crowlers are pre-sealed cans with a screw cap that allow you to pack your own beer or the draft from your favorite pub! 
You can find Crowlers in different sizes and you can create your own design and label to stick on.

How to use?
Just unscrew the cap, sanitize the can and fill it with beer. The game is done! Now you have your own canned beer!


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