CCYeastlab Prickly Pear TCLR25 - 5 Packs Liquid Yeast

CCYeastlab Prickly Pear TCLR25 - 5 Packs Liquid Yeast

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If you haven't yet seen the Big Bend region, or the rainbow of desert blooms in spring, go now! This strain was specially captured during the spring season, already scorching hot near the Rio Grande, and collected for its dry and bright style.

Eastern Rio Grande River: Lajitas, Texas

Fermentation: Top/Ale

Flocculation: Medium

Attenuation: 73 to 80%

Alcohol Tolerance: 5 - 10%

Optimum Fermentation Temp: 19 - 23 Celsius

Suggested Use: American Pale Ale, Hopped Sour (bacteria not provided), American Porter, Kolsch, Gose.

Style and Flavor Notes: Dry, bright grapefruit and citrus, orange peel aroma.


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