Hop Flower Enzyme - 15 ml vials

Hop Flower Enzyme - 15 ml vials

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HopFlower is a highly active ß‐glucosidase enzyme preparation used for the enhancement of hop flavor and aroma.

HopFlower increases the extraction ratio of the flavor active components in hops. It is recommended for use in all beers containing hops and especially in beers with larger amounts of hops and very hoppy flavor notes. HopFlower is especially effective in “dry‐hopped” beers. HopFlower acts on the glucosides found in hops and releases the flavor active component of the molecule. Glucosides have an aroma component bound to a glucose component. The purpose of the enzyme preparation is to release the aroma components. The overall increase in aroma intensity is dependent on the hop variety, but generally the extraction rate is 25 ‐ 30 % higher than without the use of HopFlower.

Each vial contains 15 ml


2 - 4 ml per 20 liters of beer before the dry hop.


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